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The energy industry is full of innovative ideas. The energy supply, invisible to most end customers, plays an important role for industry, public infrastructure and private supply. Our industry has a significant responsibility and at the same time faces many challenges. Oesterreichs Energie would like to support you in using the challenges as an opportunity: Bringing innovations to market quickly and tapping new revenue potential through new digital business models.

The Oesterreichs Energie Innovationsplattform is the leading innovation community for companies and start-ups in the energy sector in Austria. We support our members in the areas of innovation scouting, lead generation and project partner acquisition. Register free of charge and communicate partner requests, project ideas, innovative products or services to the entire industry.

The Osterreichs Energie Innovation Platform for innovation scouting

Use the Oesterreichs Energie innovation platform for individual innovation scouting. The innovation platform covers the entire energy industry and related sectors, categorised by more than 1000 technologies to show you exactly the results you are looking for.

The Osterreichs Energie innovation platform for customer and partner acquisition

Oesterreichs Energie Innovation Platform supports start-ups in finding suitable partners and pilot customers in the energy sector. We offer you simple functions and communicate your innovation ideas and partner requests throughout the industry - completely free of charge.

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